MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a convenient and cost effective express pediatric care solution.

POP Now is located in Rockville, MD and is an express care clinic for children and young adults who receive primary care services at Potomac Pediatrics. Unlike typical “urgent cares”, we offer convenient same day access for low acuity yet medically necessary care and treatment. By keeping our focus on lower acuity illness burdens that plague most households, we can better control getting your child seen the same day without long wait times. As a low acuity express clinic we do perform routine lab testing in-house helping us diagnose and treat most common childhood illnesses. Get the care your child needs in a compassionate, pediatric trained, and comfortable setting.

Please note, we do not offer radiology imaging and recommend that patients with major orthopedic injuries go directly to an urgent care facility or the emergency room as warranted. If you’re unsure which is more appropriate please utilize the advice nurse line at Potomac Pediatrics by calling (301) 279-6750. 

Why Choose POP NOW?

Same day sick visits available as early as 7:00am

Convenience of self-scheduling

Pediatric primary care trained providers that don’t order expensive and unnecessary lab testing or imaging.

Reach Out To Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions related  to our services. We kindly ask that all patients self schedule online for same day appointments.

Reach Out To Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any querie related  to our services at our earliest .
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