Daycare/School/ Sports Clearance

Post Illness Clearance Note

Did you keep your child home for school or daycare and now need a note for them to return back?

Camp & Sports Clearance

Most camps, athletic leagues, and schools require a pre-participation physical. These physicals can help discover underlying medical problems that may interfere with your child’s ability to successfully participate, as well as to reduce their overall risk of injury. Here at POPNOW we offer last minute camp and sports clearances for kids and young adults who can’t get an appointment with their PCP. Please bring your camp/ sports clearance forms with you to your appointment! 

Please note, if you have had a current check-up (within the last 12 months) with your pediatrician, most will complete your pre-participation forms without a visit. Visit your PCP’s website to get more information on how to utilize their service.

What to Expect

Send a note to your child’s primary care provider alerting them that a pre-participation physical was done to keep a complete medical record for your child.

Please bring your camp/ sports clearance forms with you to your appointment! 

The provider will review the child’s medical history and discuss any areas of concern pertaining to your child’s ability to participate. They will review and provide helpful tips on concussions, heat exhaustion, hydration, fainting, injury prevention, and asthma (if applicable). At the conclusion of your appointment, IF cleared, your provider will complete the pre-participation form. POPNOW does not keep a copy of these forms on file. Should you misplace your form or need an additional copy after your original appointment, a $25 form fee will apply.

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At POP NOW we offer convenient and accessible same day sick visits! We are fully committed  to helping your child feel better  and getting everyone back to school, work, and daily routines as quickly and safely as possible. 

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