Need a Pediatric Same-Day Flu Test in Rockville, Maryland? Here’s What to Expect

Pediatric Same-Day Flu Test in Rockville

Is your child feeling under the weather? If they have symptoms such as a fever, runny nose, and headache, a pediatric same-day flu test in Rockville, Maryland may be necessary.

It’s necessary to address this common illness quickly to prevent the virus from spreading.

What Happens During a Visit for a Pediatric Same-Day Flu Test in Rockville, Maryland?

If your child’s healthcare provider suspects they have the flu, this is what will likely happen during your appointment after their symptoms have been assessed and a physical exam has been performed:

  • First, a sample is collected, which typically involves a gentle swab of your young one’s nose or throat. The sample is then carefully sent for lab testing.
  • Next, you’ll wait for the results. If the provider has an in-house lab, it’ll only be a matter of minutes before they have the results. This is important when it comes to testing children, as a prompt diagnosis allows for quicker treatment and containment. The sample may need to be sent to an off-site lab in some cases, especially if the results from the rapid test are inconclusive or if the provider suspects a different strain of influenza than what they’re able to test for.
  • Then, the pediatric specialist will interpret the results, taking into account the symptoms, the test outcome, and the child’s medical history. This information helps determine the best course of action for treatment.
  • Finally, if the test is positive, the healthcare professional will create a treatment plan. This may include antiviral medications, rest, hydration, and monitoring for complications. For severe cases, hospitalization may be necessary.

If your child is diagnosed with the flu, the pediatrician will provide guidance on infection control. It’s crucial to keep the child isolated from others until they are better. Frequent handwashing and the use of masks can help protect family members.

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No parent wants to see their child needlessly suffer, but it can be hard getting into your primary pediatrician right away.

For a pediatric same-day flu test in Rockville, Maryland, come straight into our urgent care office or schedule online now for your convenience!

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