Need Same-Day Urgent Care for Kids in Rockville, Maryland? Here’s What to Look For

Same-Day Urgent Care for Kids in Rockville

Any time your child is facing a medical emergency, it’s scary. When not life threatening, many parents choose same-day urgent care for kids in Rockville, Maryland.

To help you feel comfortable doing this, read this guide so you know exactly what to look for with regard to care and services at a pediatric urgent care.

Factor in These Important Considerations When Choosing a Pediatric Urgent Care

Convenience: Obviously, you want help for your child fast, so make a call ahead of time to find out the address and hours of operation. Most urgent care clinics are open after regular business hours and on holidays.

Costs and insurance: Facilities for same-day urgent care for kids in Rockville, Maryland typically accept many insurance plans. When you call to get the address and hours, find out if they accept your plan. Ask about urgent care costs and payment methods as well.

Dedication to quality care: Any urgent care facility for children should be staffed with board-certified pediatricians and highly trained nurse practitioners. Make sure the facility is equipped to handle complex issues like cuts, sprains, fractures, infections, concussions, and other non-life-threatening concerns that are common in children.

Testing and additional on-site services: Online reservations and quick callbacks for nursing advice are important. So are services like wound care, medications, and lab testing. Do you or your child need an interpreter? Be sure to find out if the services that are important to you are available. 

Choose POP NOW for Same-Day Urgent Care for Kids in Rockville, Maryland!

At POP NOW Urgent Care, we offer convenient same-day access to necessary, non-severe medical care and treatment. We are an urgent care clinic that exclusively treats children and young adults within the Potomac Pediatrics network.

If you have questions, wait times, or other helpful information, contact us now at 301-279-6750.

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